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Near West Suburban Celiac Group (NWSCG)

Celiac Home

The Near West Suburban Celiac Group was established in April 2003 to serve as a communication resource for people or the relative of individuals who have Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. No membership fee required - no reservations are required.

Information is provided via email - please email LuEllen at celiacqueen@gmail.com to be put on the email list to


for free personal consultation(s) via phone call me at
708 819-0866.

NWSCG provides:

° new product news

° GF food lists

° restaurant information and choices

° solutions to the challenges of being gluten intolerant or a celiac

° access to email notices and announcements

° access to outside speakers who are invited to present on a regular basis. A gluten-free restaurant club was established in June 2006 and continues to meet regularly.

LuEllen, a glutenite, is a respected non-medical resource for all things gluten free. She offers consults with newly diagnosed celiac patients in addition to public speaking for other groups, merchants and medical professionals.

Please email or call LuEllen for more information or to be included on the newsletter list.

Reach LuEllen Joy Giera at celiacqueen@gmail.com or 708 819-0866

All information, recommendations, dietary suggestions and links are provided for the sole purpose of sharing information. No liability is assumed by any individual associated with the NWSCG. Medical questions should be directed to your personal physician. No personal endorsements are implied. Input is welcomed - please contact me at celiacqueen@gmail.com.

Thank you to my group members for input for this booklist and restaurants.

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